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Avoiding Holiday-Related Property Disputes: A Guide for Landlords

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The holiday season brings joy and celebrations, but for landlords, it can also bring a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to managing rental properties. Holiday-related property disputes can arise from issues like decorations, noise complaints, and guest policies. Here’s a guide for landlords on how to proactively manage these situations and maintain… Read more »

A Comprehensive Guide to Eviction Laws for Detroit Landlords

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As a Detroit landlord, navigating eviction laws can be a complex yet necessary task. Understanding your rights and the proper legal process can help protect your investment while ensuring fair treatment for all parties involved. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of eviction laws for Detroit landlords. Grounds for Eviction In Michigan, landlords have… Read more »

What Landlords Should Look for During a Walkthrough

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When a tenant hands in their notice, you’ll need to ensure that the apartment is still in good condition. As a result, many landlords perform walkthroughs that will determine if and how much of a tenant’s security deposit will be returned. If you’re doing a walkthrough, make sure you look out for these items: Marks… Read more »

The Law Offices of Aaron Cox, PLLC Opens Southfield Michigan Office!

We recently opened a second office location in Oakland County – in Southfield, Michigan. Read more about it here – Contact us if you are in Oakland County and are a property owner in need of legal representation for evictions, collections, commercial litigation, or any other property-related legal dispute.

What to Do When a Tenant Appeals Your Eviction Judgment

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You just spent the last 4-6 weeks patiently working through Michigan’s landlord-tenant eviction procedures to get a judgment of possession against your tenant. A few days later you receive notice that your tenant has appealed your judgment…now what? You don’t always have to stop the eviction process By itself, the filing of an appeal does… Read more »

The Process of a Debt Collection Lawsuit

Businesses of all kinds frequently provide goods and services on credit or other forms of advance. Whether you are a skilled trade working on someone’s private residence or commercial property, a financial institution extending loans, or just a small business who sells products on an open account, each of these businesses eventually face the same… Read more »

Help for Property Managers

Being a property manager can be an incredibly rewarding job, but like all professions, it comes with its share of problems. Even if you’ve only been a property manager for a short period of time, you’ve likely encountered an issue with one of your clients. In most cases, these issues are minor and can be… Read more »

Legal Mistakes All Landlords Should Avoid

If you’re a landlord, you’ve likely run into an occasional problem with one of your tenants. Whether they are missing rent payments or refuse to comply with an eviction notice, there are legal actions you can take. However, the law will work against you if you don’t follow the proper procedures for dealing with tenants…. Read more »

An in Depth Look at Landlord’s Rights

A landlord has a legal right to enter his tenant’s rental unit in many circumstances. Practical access to the space is much more limited than it would be if the unit was vacant. But the home or commercial property still belongs to the landlord. The Covenant of Quiet use and Enjoyment Residential rental contracts imply… Read more »