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The Law Offices of Aaron Cox, PLLC Opens Southfield Michigan Office!

We recently opened a second office location in Oakland County – in Southfield, Michigan. Read more about it here – Contact us if you are in Oakland County and are a property owner in need of legal representation for evictions, collections, commercial litigation, or any other property-related legal dispute.

What to Do When a Tenant Appeals Your Eviction Judgment

House keys sitting on an eviction notice received in the mail.

You just spent the last 4-6 weeks patiently working through Michigan’s landlord-tenant eviction procedures to get a judgment of possession against your tenant. A few days later you receive notice that your tenant has appealed your judgment…now what? You don’t always have to stop the eviction process By itself, the filing of an appeal does… Read more »

Preparing Your Properties for the End of the Year

If you are a landlord or a property manager in Michigan, there are a series of steps that you should take at the end of every year to ensure that you don’t lose out on any money as you head into the new year. By squaring away old debts with your tenants and learning about… Read more »

Utilities, Winter and Landlord Responsibilities

Winters can get very chilly in Michigan, so during the colder months of the year, landlords across the state need to be extremely mindful of their tenants and their access to utility services. Electricity, gas and water are essential to the basic needs of tenants year-round, but heat is something that tenants will definitely need… Read more »

The Process of a Debt Collection Lawsuit

Businesses of all kinds frequently provide goods and services on credit or other forms of advance. Whether you are a skilled trade working on someone’s private residence or commercial property, a financial institution extending loans, or just a small business who sells products on an open account, each of these businesses eventually face the same… Read more »

Back Rent, Underpayments and Collections

Whether you own a rental property or a mortgage company or work with any other type of business that deals with loans and incremental payments, Aaron Cox Law can help you recover unpaid debts. As a business owner, there are few experiences more frustrating than trying to track down someone who owes you money. This… Read more »

Help for Property Managers

Being a property manager can be an incredibly rewarding job, but like all professions, it comes with its share of problems. Even if you’ve only been a property manager for a short period of time, you’ve likely encountered an issue with one of your clients. In most cases, these issues are minor and can be… Read more »

Year-End Wrap Up: What Records to Get in Order Now

Tax time comes around every April, and with 2015 now drawn to a close, it’s never too early to start preparing forms and documents as a landlord. There are two types of records you must have for tax purposes: a record of your rental income and expenses as well as supporting documents for them. Did… Read more »

A Look at the Rules Governing Security Deposits

Just about anyone who has rented or leased a property is familiar with the concept of a security deposit. What exactly is the purpose of this deposit and when is a tenant entitled to have it returned when they move out? We’re here to go over the basics to help you out. According to Michigan’s… Read more »

Legal Mistakes All Landlords Should Avoid

If you’re a landlord, you’ve likely run into an occasional problem with one of your tenants. Whether they are missing rent payments or refuse to comply with an eviction notice, there are legal actions you can take. However, the law will work against you if you don’t follow the proper procedures for dealing with tenants…. Read more »