Real Property Class Action Litigation

Real property owners and landlords are frequently confronted with governmental entities that overreach and abuse their authority. Unfortunately, most of these issues result in being forced to choose between succumbing to the government’s authority or spending thousands in attorney’s fees to vindicate your rights.

Sometimes, these issues aren’t just happening to you but affect all those real property owners in a given community. When everyone is suffering the same harm from the same improper conduct the claims may be brought in a class-action suit to more efficiently litigate those issues, thereby removing your impediment to challenge the government’s authority. Just some of the common issues that you might face that give rise to a potential class-wide suit:

• unlawful water charges;
• unlawful grass-cutting charges;
• improper application of building codes;
• unlawful inspections;
• improper or lack of process for challenging a municipality.

The Law Offices of Aaron D. Cox, PLLC has spent years vindicating the rights of property owners in Michigan through class-action lawsuits and we can help you too. If you or your business has been harmed by another and feel that the problem is widespread, or if you are an attorney in need of class-certification assistance, give us a call today to learn how we can help.

Class-Certified Cases:

NILI 2011, LLC et al v. City of Warren; 15-cv-13392 (U.S. Federal Court Eastern District of Michigan)

City of Warren Settlement

Garner Properties & Management, LLC vs. Charter Township of Redford; 15-cv-14100 (U.S. Federal Court Eastern District of Michigan)

Cordia Michigan, LLC et al vs. City of Roseville; 16-cv-10760 (U.S. Federal Court Eastern District of Michigan)

Garner v. City of Taylor; 16-cv-13374 (U.S. Federal Court Eastern District of Michigan)