What Landlords Should Look for During a Walkthrough

When a tenant hands in their notice, you’ll need to ensure that the apartment is still in good condition. As a result, many landlords perform walkthroughs that will determine if and how much of a tenant’s security deposit will be returned.

If you’re doing a walkthrough, make sure you look out for these items:

tenant welcoming someone into apartment

Marks on the walls and floors

When you enter the apartment, keep a close eye on the walls and floors. It is all too easy for these to get marked up during a tenancy. If you clearly defined in your rental agreement that there must be no holes or marks on the walls, then remind the tenant and have them fix any damage or take it out of their security deposit.

Broken items and appliances

Take a look at all items and appliances that will be staying in the apartment. Test them to see if they’re still in good working order. If they are not, and if your rental agreement includes these items, then you’ll need to take the money to repair these items out of the tenant’s security deposit.

Water damage

Water damage occurs all too often in apartments. However, water damage should not be taken out of a tenant’s security deposit. This is because most water damage is caused by the building’s pipes as opposed to something the tenant themselves did.

Outdoor fixtures

Many landlords only look at the inside of an apartment, but don’t forget the outside, too. If an apartment as a balcony or deck, you’ll want to inspect that for any damaged boards, loose nails, and other hazards.

When doing a walkthrough, you’ll need to discuss the terms of the rental agreement and determine what the tenant is responsible for and what you are responsible for. Having a proper property management attorney by your side is essential. Call Aaron Cox Law today at 734-287-3664 to learn more.

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