Real Estate and Investor Services

Our firm is dedicated to the individual and institutional real-estate investor and property manager. Everything we do is designed to ensure that your legal needs can be met by our office, including:

Residential Sales and Acquisitions – Buying or selling residential real estate? Real estate agents aren’t attorneys and title companies aren’t legally permitted to give you advice. Don’t risk one of the biggest financial transactions you will be a part of without consulting with a knowledgeable attorney first;

Commercial Sales and Acquisitions – Buying or selling commercial real estate? Failing to do your due diligence in these transactions can cost your thousands or opens yourself up to a lawsuit. Our office covers the bases for you so you can rest easy knowing that you are covered;

  • Commercial lease drafting;
  • Residential lease drafting;
  • Residential leasing compliance reviews;
  • Security deposit compliance reviews;
  • Condominium law;
  • Tax foreclosure purchases;
  • Building Department violations;
  • Fair-Housing Training;
  • Premises liability defense;
  • Responding to small-claims suits from tenants and vendors;
  • Business formation specifically tailored to the owner of real estate;
  • Estate planning specifically tailored to the owner of real estate; and
  • Any other ancillary matter stemming from the ownership or operation of any piece of real estate, from a single home to a 2000 unit apartment complex and anything in between.

Whether it is a real estate purchase, commercial lease, or a rental/investment property, it is important to provide affordable professional services in a timely manner.

Our office’s Real Estate practice is devoted to accomplishing this goal for management companies, apartment complexes, individual landowners, and anyone else needing general real estate legal guidance.

Real Estate Law constitutes a major segment of our practice. As with our general practice, we emphasize preventative law and greater communication between lawyer and client. Toward that end we have prepare the following information to highlight the services we offer in a wide range of real estate transactions.

Our clients include many of the largest, most respected property management firm in Southeast Michiigan, as well as property owners who do their own management. We assist them by providing preventative advice, conducting educational programs for managers, and appearing in residential and commercial landlord-tenant disputes and general litigation.

Types of Disputes:

  • Representing Landlords, Management Companies, and other Housing Complexes in court appearances and evictions
  • Drafting personally tailored leases and other property-related contracts
  • Representing Landlords and Management Companies in land-conract forfeitures
  • And other various real estate related matters such as closings, drafting purchase agreements, quieting title, etc

Specialty Services: Tax Appeals, Quiet-Title, Title Issues, Cloud on Title, Liens, Condominium Law, Condo Associations, Property Dispute, Tax Sales, Tax Purchases, Easements, Eminent Domain, Boundary Disputes, Zoning, Building Department, Litigation, Premises liability, Property Managers, Investors, Apartment purchases, Apartment Buildings.