Debt Collection Services - Commercial & Property Management

Tenant or other debtor(s) skip out on that bill?

Trying to recoup that lost rent and compensation for the physical damages your tenant caused to your property?

Stop letting people get away with stealing your hard earned income and damaging your property.

The Law Offices of Aaron D. Cox , our attorneys and dedicated staff can help through the use of an aggressive system of legal collection procedures to find, sue, and collect as much of your lost income as possible.

Our firm also can train you and your company to improve the collectability of your accounts: Lease reviews;

  • Application reviews
  • Best practices for your company

The best part of our collection system is that the vast majority of our cases are handled on a contingent fee basis:

  • if we don’t collect, you don’t pay an attorney fee – *expenses are always the client’s responsibility.
  • Our client-claim form and fee agreement for these collection matter are available for your review.

If you’re in need of professional debt recovery solutions and live in Detroit, MI area, contact the debt collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Aaron D. Cox today!