Landlord-Tenant Evictions

There is nothing worse than a person occupying your property when you don’t want them there.

At the Law Offices of Aaron D. Cox, our attorneys have handled thousands of landlord-tenant evictions throughout the State of Michigan: they know the law, they know the courts, and they know how to fight for your property rights.

We are your first choice when looking for eviction and foreclosure attorneys who can assist you in any type of eviction proceeding:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Termination of tenancy for breach of lease
  • Termination of tenancy after expiration of lease
  • Removal of Squatters
  • Removal of holdovers after a tax foreclosure
  • Drug terminations
  • Health-hazard terminations
  • Any other eviction scenario you could encounter

Please keep in mind that you should consult with an attorney before serving any notice to ensure that you are taking the appropriate course of action:

Whether it is a real estate purchase, commercial lease, or a rental/investment property; it is important to provide affordable professional services in a timely manner.

Our office’s Real Estate practice is devoted to accomplishing this goal for management companies, apartment complexes, individual landowners, and anyone else needing general real estate legal guidance.

Types of Disputes:

  • Representing Landlords, Management Companies, and other Housing Complexes in court appearances and evictions
  • Drafting personally tailored leases and other property-related contracts
  • Representing Landlords and Management Companies in land-conract forfeitures
  • And other various real estate related matters such as closings, drafting purchase agreements, quieting title, etc.

Specialty Services: Landlord’s attorney, evicting a tenant, evictions, demand for possession, non-payment of rent, termination of tenancy, land contract, forfeiture, foreclosure, property management, property managers, apartments, residential, commercial, order of eviction, security deposit, ordinance, habitability, litigation, escrow, complaint and certificate of occupancy.

If you are a landlord or tenant in need of an experienced eviction or foreclosure attorney in Detroit, MI area, contact the Law Offices of Aaron D. Cox, PLLC today!