Landlords / Tenants Should be Wary of Legal Pitfalls

Most property owners who rent their property handle the legal actions associated with landlord and tenant relations on their own. The district court system is amicable to property owners handling their own legal affairs, but these landlords still need to be especially wary of legal pitfalls.

While most property owners who are also the landlord are fairly familiar with the process of evicting a tenant, most are unaware of the intricacies of those proceedings. There are also a number of other laws that govern the relationships between landlords and tenants, which if not adhered to could open a property owner up to a serious threat of a lawsuit.

There are litanies of laws governing everything under the landlord and tenant sun:

  • The charging of security deposits;
  • What can and cannot be include in a lease;
  • The rights of both landlords and tenants in the eviction process;
  • The effects of disrepair of a rental unit;
  • Claiming an amount against a security deposit after a tenant moves out; and
  • Much more.

Our office will custom tailor a lease to the landlords concerns, handle landlord and tenant court proceedings, and advise the landlord on any number of landlord and tenant legal matters. Our office will handle these matters, add a layer of security to your landlord and tenant relations, and all at a cost-effective price. For a free telephone consultation and a price list, please contact our office.