How to Deal with Late Rent Payments

As a landlord, you likely have many tenants who pay their rent on time each month. However, you may be faced with a tenant who is late on their payments. Whether it is once or repeated, it can be an upsetting and inconvenient situation. Below are steps you can take to ensure you can receive your payment.

Be Understanding

calendar with pay rent written on date

Sometimes life happens, and especially if this is their first offense, a good rule of thumb is to give them a call and ask. Maybe they forgot, or maybe they had an emergency come up. Being on the same page is the first step towards getting your money. Give your tenant a call and respectfully inform them that their payment is late and remind them of the late fee (if their lease includes one).

Double Check Your Documents

Some states legally require grace periods on rent, and most states contain clauses within the lease giving tenants anywhere from three to five days after the due date to make their rent payment. Double check your copy of the lease and your state laws to see if any grace period is present before moving on to sending a late rent notice.

Take Legal Action

If all the above does not work, your best option is to take legal action. Neither party wants it to come to this step, however, the law is there for a reason.

To ensure you are within your rights as a landlord, and for help navigating landlord-tenant law, contact the Law Office of Aaron Cox at 734-287-3664. From helping you create an iron-clad lease, to representing you court appearances, we will be with you every step of the way.

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