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Tips for Screening Prospective Tenants as a Landlord

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When one of your apartments becomes available, you’ll need to make sure that the next tenant is reliable and responsible. Screening prospective tenants is a crucial part of this process. Nevertheless, it isn’t foolproof. If you don’t properly screen your prospective tenant, you would wind up with problems further down the line. Below are a… Read more »

What Landlords Should Look for During a Walkthrough

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When a tenant hands in their notice, you’ll need to ensure that the apartment is still in good condition. As a result, many landlords perform walkthroughs that will determine if and how much of a tenant’s security deposit will be returned. If you’re doing a walkthrough, make sure you look out for these items: Marks… Read more »

How Landlords Can End a Month-to-Month Tenancy

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A month-to-month lease is exactly as it sounds—it renews every 30 days (or every month) until the tenant gives notice. However, landlords can also end a month-to-month tenancy. Here’s how: You might need a reason In most cases, a landlord can end a month-to-month tenancy without reason. However, in government subsidized housing or in mobile… Read more »

Section 8 Regulations Landlords Should Be Aware of

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The Housing Act of 1937 was a product of the National Housing Act of 1934, part of the legislation to help Americans rebuild from the Great Depression. In addition to creating a central national housing authority, it gives those on welfare more options when it comes to living situations. This is known as the Section… Read more »

What is a Writ of Possession?

Official legal eviction order or notice to renter or tenant of home

As a landlord, you expect your tenant to pay their rent and take care of your property. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. When a tenant fails to pay rent, you may be forced to evict them. Part of the eviction process involves a writ of possession. Here’s everything you need to know about writs of… Read more »

What to Do When a Tenant Appeals Your Eviction Judgment

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You just spent the last 4-6 weeks patiently working through Michigan’s landlord-tenant eviction procedures to get a judgment of possession against your tenant. A few days later you receive notice that your tenant has appealed your judgment…now what? You don’t always have to stop the eviction process By itself, the filing of an appeal does… Read more »

How to Deal with Late Rent Payments

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As a landlord, you likely have many tenants who pay their rent on time each month. However, you may be faced with a tenant who is late on their payments. Whether it is once or repeated, it can be an upsetting and inconvenient situation. Below are steps you can take to ensure you can receive… Read more »