How Landlords Should Deal with Troublesome Neighbors

Whether your nearest neighbor is a mile away or just a few feet, living in the same general area as other people can sometimes cause problems. While most people are considerate neighbors, too often others are not that can lead to fights, arguments and other incidents that could have been avoided – or at least… Read more »

The Benefits of Accepting Section 8 Tenants

The Housing Act of 1937 was a product of the National Housing Act of 1934, part of the legislation to help Americans rebuild from the Great Depression. In addition to creating a central national housing authority, it gives those on welfare more options when it comes to living situations. Those receiving federal housing assistance can… Read more »

Understanding Landlord Disclosures in Michigan

Disclosures are considered any type of information that is shared by the landlord to the renter concerning the property and the renter’s rights. Disclosures are often included in the lease or rental agreement, but they can be included in other forms of writing. However, the kind of information you must disclose depends on both state… Read more »

When You Do and Don’t Need Tenant Permission for Entry

At some point, you as a landlord will need to enter your tenant’s apartment. However, there are many cases where you need tenant permission before entry. Not only is this legally required under most leases, but it is also common courtesy. Showing up unexpectedly or even barging in on a tenant could present an uncomfortable… Read more »

Should You Allow Tenants to Make Property Renovations?

Generally speaking, landlords and property managers are responsible for making repairs and improvements to their properties. However, you may come across a particularly ambitious renter who wants to make some improvements of their own. In this case, you may be understandably hesitant to let inexperienced renters make changes to your property. But with careful planning… Read more »

The Top 3 Legal Mistakes for Landlords to Avoid

Being a landlord involves more than fixing leaky pipes and broken lights. It is also a legal designation overseen by local housing authorities and state laws. These laws not only protect you as a landlord, but your tenant as well, and are subsequently legally binding. Unfortunately, many landlords are unaware of certain laws and regulations,… Read more »

Why You Should Order an Inspection Before Buying Investment Property

Real estate is one of the best investments you can make. However, before you commit to buying an investment property, you should have a professional home inspection performed. Here’s why: You’ll understand what you’re buying Think of a home inspection as part of your investment. While hiring an inspector can cost a few hundred dollars,… Read more »

How Partial Payments Can Affect Evictions

If you are a landlord experiencing a legal issue with a tenant over missing rent payments, you might be confused as to whether or not you can accept partial payments of rent during the legal proceedings. Will it void the notices you have sent to the tenant and potentially prevent you from evicting the tenant… Read more »

Understanding Michigan’s Unconditional Quit Termination Notice

Fully understanding the intricacies of Michigan’s unconditional quit termination notice can be difficult. Today, it is more important than ever to know your rights to ensure you’re not taken advantage of as a landlord or tenant. In this blog post, we will discuss this law in detail to make sure you are protected under Michigan… Read more »